Dual Fuel Powered Parallel Ready Inverter Generator

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Item # GEN2200DFI Sportsman Dual Fuel 2200W Parallel Ready Inverter Generator w/CO Warning

● This generator includes a built-in Carbon Monoxide Warning Alert! The generator will automatically shut-off if dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide is detected.
● 2200 Surge Watts / 1800 Running Watts
● Dual Fuel Engine
● 3 HP 4-Stroke OHV Engine
● Parallel Ready
● (Parallel port cable sold separately)
● Recoil Start
● Sine Wave Clean Power For Electronics
● USB Port
● 2 - 120 Volt A/C Outlet
● 1 - 12 Volt D/C Outlet
● Engine Shut-off Switch
● EPA Approved
● Engine Run Time: 7 Hours @ 50% Load (GAS)
● Engine Run Time: 18 Hours @ 50% Load (LPG)
● Oil Type: SAE10W-30 Oil (Must add BEFORE first use)
● Oil Capacity: 12 fluid oz
● Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline octane rating of 87 or higher
● Fuel Type: Propane (LPG) fuel
● Fuel Capacity: 1.0 Gallon Fuel Tank
● Spark Plug: A7RTC spark plug included
● Battery: Not Required (this is Recoil Start Only)
● Decibel Rating < 60 db
● Mobility Kit: This model is not designed to include Mobility Kit
● High Altitude Use: This generator is not recommended for high altitude use 3,000 ft. above sea level.
● If you are using a generator 3,000 ft. above sea level, the generator may not function properly because of air flow getting through the carburetor.
● Warranty: 1 YEAR Limited
● Warranty: 2 YEAR Limited Emissions

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● Please call our Customer Service department (636) 532-9888 if you have any questions.

Use the 2,200 Surge Watts Inverter Generator with CO Warning by Sportsman to safely charge your computer, tablet, phone, television and more. You will appreciate the sine wave power because it delivers clean, stable and reliable power, making it safe to use with electronics that are sensitive to fluctuations in power. Great for use at home or in the RV, and is also ideal for tailgating before the big game, and great while camping. You can use the generator as a portable power source at industrial projects and job sites. It is also designed with camping and outdoor fun in mind: it is equipped with one 120-Volt AC outlets and one 12-Volt DC outlet for battery charging.

One of my favorite features of this generator is that it has the Parallel Port option built in. This means that you can get up to DOUBLE the power when you connect it to another similiar Parallel Port generator. Why does this matter? Because it makes this generator very flexible, you can use two lightweight generators to power your equipment, instead of one heavy generator It just makes it easy to manage when transporting from one location to another.

Also, it includes a USB outlet for charging your cell phone or other electronic devices. This is one of the great features of the inverter generator, is it's ability to power electronics. And this generator has a built-in USB port, that's major!

What I like best about the generator is how portable it is. Really, it's easy to carry from the car, truck or RV. You'll be surprised that this little generator will help provide power when and where you need it. You don't need two people to lift it, just carry it from the garage or storage shed, then use it for backyard bbqs or family gatherings. Make sure you place it far enough away from the house and out of the rain, then use it to power your outdoor lighting, electric grills and more.

Let me explain the benefits of the inverter generator. The Sine Wave feature helps provide steady, smooth, reliable power to your electronics. Items like your phone or a stereo or a television or a small refrigerator, these will benefit from an inverter generator because there is no spike in surging power. You may not need this type of power for power tools, but trust me, you will want the inverter generator to protect the life of your expensive cell phone or stereo.

One more thing, let me remind you that this generator features CO WARNING, which will automatically shut-off if dangerous levels of CO is detected. This is really important because carbon monoxide (also known as CO) can be dangerous for humans and pets. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death in a very short time. It is called “the silent killer” because it is odorless, tasteless and invisible: you may be exposed without knowing it. Make sure that whatever generator you buy, you get one with CO warning feature, as it could save your life.

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